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About Us

As we strive to learn and grow as a sustainable label. Loca’s main goal is to minimise its textile footprint on our planet while producing and delivering ethical and sustainable products. Not only do our beautiful customers feel amazing and confident in our product. They feel proud to be supporting an Australian business that strives to create consciously.

Loca’s sustainable practices includes;
– Each piece is designed, sampled and manufactured on the beautiful Gold Coast.
– Quality is everything! Each piece undergoes professional quality control, removing loose threads and ensuring there are no defects. 
– We use recycled fabric for both our Swimwear and Activewear. Our swim fabric made of recycled plastic bottles while our activewear regenerates post consumer materials such as carpet, clothing and fishing nets.  

– We repurpose and reuse. Upcycling reduces the demand for new clothing production, reducing textile waste and pollution. 

– Sustainability is quality, a products long life span and the strength of a product to look and feel as new after being washed.  
– Our T-Shirts are manufactured in China. The factory has been established for 11 years. The process they use for the fabric is designed to ensure the tees do not shrink. And the fabric is pure magic!! 

– Plastic free packaging, always! Compostable and reusable mail satchels. 
– Eco-friendly tissue paper. 
– Local pick up available. 

We are forever learning and evolving. We are always eager to hear of practices we can adapt to our business. Please email if you have any questions or ideas. We would love to hear from you.